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Our Team


Michaela - massage

Michaela devoted over 5 years to practicing massage. During her internship, she had an opportunity to work in salons and in a number of medical centers. In addition to proper education of a massage therapist, Kundalini Reiki and became a Kundalini Reiki Master. Her other interests include herbs and production of natural cosmetics.


Nadya - massage

Has big experience in the field of massage and obtained a number of certificates, profession of a massage therapist are her life's mission, and a hobby as well. Nadya graduate of international masseurs 'Dexter Academy' Massage is a targeted form of touch that can rid the body of not only tension, it acts on the soul and is able to heal the body.


Surya - yoga, massage, ayurveda

Graduated from the Ayurveda and Yoga Institute in Goa, India. He specializes primarily in a traditional ancient Indian art of Ayurveda, i.e. a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, and healing body massage combined with a therapeutic effect and healing properties of herbs and aromatic oils.


Tomas - yoga

I am professional yoga teacher with certified yoga teacher training course in India with Yoga Alliance. I am highly motivated teacher who follows Ashtanga principles. I am follower of healthy lifestyle. I focus on body as a tool of mind and soul. My classes are prepared individually and structured with attention to relaxation. My YTTC has been about Hatha, Ashtanga primary Series, Yin yoga.


Petra - yoga

Yoga is a lifestyle that brings to life a lot of positive changes. It moves us towards the dream of strong and resilient character. Spiritual direction. Towards the well-being and increased energy. The most beautiful thing is that in this way we can go a lifetime. Since yoga has no boundaries. Still surprise us with something and still moves us forward.


Mischa - Taichi chi-kung

I'm interested in working with the body. I am the therapist of the Craniosacral Biodynamics, I have also undergone masseur courses and personal development courses. I'm interested in a healthy lifestyle, movement and exercise Taichi qi-kung for women all adds. The exercise is based on ancient Chinese art and develops the potential of each individual in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.